[TSL] Is this a ghost ship? Staloino or Straloino or Stiloino
Good Morning Kitten via <> on 08/12/2015

My ancestor’s citizenship petition lists him as having arrived Naples > NY on or about April 18, 1883, on the vessel ….  and here I’m stumped.

It looks for all the world like Staloino or Straloino or Stiloino

I cannot find anything even close to that. I’ve searched TheShipsList. And I’ve been though the microfilms, even checking vessels with names that don’t look anything like that, and I can’t find him on any of the manifests around that time.

Is there a way I can add an image to a post here? Or please take a look for yourself at the document (his citizenship petition) online if you have access to

Nicolantonio Martiello  Born 1856 Mirabello, Campobasso, Italy   Lived on Kimball St. in Philadelphia.

Does what is written there mean anything to anyone?

Thank you very much to whomever reads this,
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