[TSL] long shot inquiry
Tera Robert <> on 08/22/2017

Looking for origin of SWEET.  Possibly from Ireland (or Liverpool?) before 1812.  I doubt manifests exist that far back.No further information about this name.
DNA work intimates a possible collateral connection to me via my Burke family who, mid 1650 are said to have (Been) moved from Bawnmore, CountyKilkenny to County Clare.

1787 – John, Patrick and MichaelBurke bought the lease of Barbane, 503 acres.

Martin Sweet's fathers name was Charles Sweet born in Quebec in 1812.  Married to a lady named Jane. Found them in the 1851 Ontario Census.This is where my trail back to Ireland dried up. I never figured out how to get Canadian ship info.
Thank you for any thoughts
Bob Tera
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