[TSL] Voyage of Rubicon 1832
PMR <> on 04/12/2017

Greetings Listers


            A bit of background:    I have just come across a letter written
to the Smithsonian Institute in 1879 by my ggf, Theophilus DANIEL (whose
story I'd like to write), 

                                                noting, by the bye, that he
was in Monterey in California in 1832. It is also stated in his obituary
that his arrival in Australia in 1835 was

                                                his second visit to the
colony of NSW.


            In 1832 his eldest brother, Captain Thomas DANIEL, was Master of
the "Rubicon" which left London on 6 Feb 1832 (I've omitted to note the
source) bound for Port Jackson.


            The "Rubicon" is noted as having arrived in Hobart Town on 18
Jun 1832, over 4 months later, and eventually in Port Jackson on 24 Jul -
info from "Log of Logs".


            Is it possible that the "Rubicon" travelled via California? If
so, what would be the route from London to Port Jackson.


            Is there a site I could access re shipping into Monterey in
1832? Or someone I could email?


            Many thanks



            Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia


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