[TSL] Steamship Yarra Yarra 1850-1860s Melbourne to Sydney
Richard via <> on 01/01/2015

Hello listers

I have a query about my gggrandfather Peter Hawkins.  He was born in
Scotland in 1823 and probably came as crew to NSW aboard The Princess
in 1845.  He was a carpenter and worked in various other jobs in
Bathurst, where he raised a family.  I haven't been able to find a
death for him.

My query relates to crew lists on Ancestry of the Yarra Yarra, which
came to NSW in 1852 and carried passengers between Melbourne and
Sydney, and later to Queensland.  There is a Peter Hawkins from
Scotland, of about the same age, who was a seaman aboard the Yarra
Yarra on 2 Jan 1855.  A Peter Hawkins from Germany is listed on 7 May

I'm wondering whether it was common for men to work and raise a
family, and also to work as a mariner on coastal runs from time to
time.  Is a carpenter's work on land similar to the duties of ship's
carpenter?  There is a gap between births of children during 1854-55
when Peter might have been able to go away.  In 1866, however, Peter
may have been in jail.

It seems to be a coincidence.  I wonder if steamships were strict
about checking details - would Peter have had to show papers, for
example, if for some reason he changed his place of origin?

Thanks for any help you can give me.  I've also posted this query to
related mailing lists

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