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A mention of the ship "EARL SPENCER" is included in my family research, this
when my old mariner Grandfather Captain James NEISH originally went out to
INDIA to begin his long career in Asia. Below is my entry - not a lot of
information, however, following her then Captain might uncover information
about the Ship ??

1808 - James Neish, Free Mariner, Passenger aboard "EARL SPENCER" under
Captain Fleming bound for Bengal -  
Source - The Morning Chronicle (London, England), Tuesday, June 7, 1808

Hope this helps
Barbara Neish

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Could not find anything on her in the London Times but I did in the British
Parliamentary Papers.

Earl Spencer sailed May 1813 with 200 male convicts on board. There were
also 32 of that number under the age of 21. The ship was 672 tons. That is
all it says about her.



Quoting Kathy Thompson <>:

> Looking for the type of vessel the *Earl Spencer* was, and if possible 
> an image of it.
> Earl Spencer carried 200 convicts from England to Port Jackson, NSW, 
> Australia in 1813
> A type of vessel will at least allow me to look for other vessels of 
> that type though.
> Many thanks
> Kathy

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