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Susan Swiggum <> on 08/03/2013

                          *new* for TheShipsList website

All the new and updated files and databases have been placed on their 
own page(s) Find them on the front page in between the big arrows
                             --------------> <---------------

At the bottom of each of these pages I have placed links named " 
previous month " and " next month " so you are able to navigate back and 
forth between the monthly *new & updated* pages, as I only keep three 
months of *new* page links on the Home page.  New for Ju 2013 is . . .

    o Ship Arrivals:
      o Ships to Quebec 1831 ...still in progress, however ...

... as I'd written last month, the first page completely finished .. 
with some really great stuff, even if you aren't looking for 1831 Quebec 

    o Immigration Reports:
      o Change in Passage Regulations for South Australia, 1872-1873

Some big changes, some of which are rather confusing

    o Passengers:
      o South Australia
        o ship City of Adelaide, from London via Plymouth to Port 
Adelaide July 3rd 1873
        o ship South Australian, from London via Plymouth to Port 
Adelaide September 30th 1873
      o Quebec Steamboats
        o John Molson - 3rd trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 12th May 1831
        o St. Lawrence - 3rd trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 16th May 1831
        o John Molson - 4th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 17th May 1831

The first two lists of South Australia arrivals for 1873 have very few 
assisted emigrants compared to earlier years.  Vessels for the rest of 
the year will carry pretty similar numbers.  1874 with 14 vessels, 
starts with a bang, but also has several "short" ships interspersed.

The 1831 Quebec steamboats are coming along very nicely.  I'm still 
working on May, to catch up to the June, already transcribed. I am still 
really liking the 1831 lists.

Please share this *new* for TheShipsList website email, with any other 
list to which you belong if you think it might be of interest or value 
to those list members (in other words, on-topic).
Enjoy !!

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