[TSL] Australasian Packet arrived Port Philip July 1852
Anne Young <> on 05/24/2013

In *The Argus* of 13 July 1852 on page 3 there is a testimonial from
passengers of the *Australasian Packet* thanking the captain.

The ship arrived 12 July with 28 passengers ... see *The Sydney Morning
Herald* of 22 July

The passenger list of unassisted passengers is available on fiche and has
been indexed. The index search results can be viewed through this search  There is no list associated with
assisted passengers.

My problem is that the passenger list and the names who signed the
advertisement do not match.

It is quite clear from the fiche that there is only one page of passengers
(the reverse final page is included in the fiche and matches in creases and
tears the front page) and this corresponds to the article in the SMH which
states 28 passengers.  The passenger list includes passengers in steerage
and in cabins.

17 men signed the advertisement.  Not one of them appears on the passenger
list.  Captain Pryce placed an answering advertisement acknowledging the
thanks including the name of the first man on the list.  He does appear on
the passenger list index and his name is associated with the original
shipping list reproduced on the fiche.

A search of some of the men who signed the advertisement as either assisted
or unassisted passengers draws a blank.

The *Log of Logs* does not identify any records that might help.

Has anybody any ideas as to why the mismatch of the two lists?  Or any
ideas of other resources that might be useful.

Many thanks

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