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I have a record of a Mr Dennis (b. 1809) and Mrs Cummins (ne Kehoe - b.
1810) travelling on the United States Famine Irish Passenger ship - the
GERTRUDE, departed Liverpool arriving New York 23 February 1849.  They had
three children - John (b. 1838), James (b.1839) and Ellen (b.1847).


The family are from County Wexford.


I have a marriage record for the son John to a Catherine Holland on 27 July
1869 in Ontario, Canada.  The record states:


"On the 27 July 1969 I married John Cummings (sic) son of Denis (sic) and
Mary Kehoe (Wexford Ireland) to Catherine Holland daughter of Cornelius
Holland and Elizabeth McCarthy - witness David Carlon and May Heaphy"


I would love to view a copy of the ship's manifest to see if the three
children travelled with them.  I am also trying to trace Dennis and Mary's
parents in Wexford.



John Cummings

Anglesea, Australia

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