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Susan Swiggum <> on 03/22/2013

On 3/22/2013 10:57 AM, Gerald Hardwick wrote:
> Gerald
> I have the SS.Montcalm sailing info and date of a voyage from Newquey U.K.
> Departed Newquay  on October  16/24  and arrived Quebec Canada  on November
> November  16/24. Searching for the passenger list  . And any information on the ship
> and photo,s


This was during the Form 30A period of Canadian records 1919-1924 . .

Form 30A records are ALL ports for the whole period 1919-1924 and are in
the form of a single manifest sheet for each passenger.  The reels will
include all years mixed in together, but they are NOT in strict
alphabetical order, so make sure you scroll right through until you find
who you are searching.  As Form 30A reels contain ALL Canadian arrivals
1919 to 1924, they will also include those who arrived via a US port, but
stated their intention to proceed directly to Canada.

The only place Form 30A records can be found online is at Ancestry, under
Immigration records and scroll down to
Canada, Ocean Arrivals (Form 30A), 1919-1924

The record will look similar to this blank form

Your departure port is incorrect, however, transcriptions of Form 30A 
records often contain some misinformation regarding date and port of 
departure.   FYI the previous trip of MONTCALM arrived at Quebec exactly 
one month before, so I am not sure whether you are looking for an 
October or November arrival

MONTCALM    Liverpool, England 1924-11-06    Quebec, Que. 1924-11-16 / 
Montreal, Que. 1924-11-17
(CPSSC) Canadian Pacific Steamships, Ltd.

Fortunately for researchers, Canada resumed the use of "big sheet" 
manifests (passenger lists) from 1925.


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