[TSL] Peter Clarke arrived Australia between 1838 and 1856
"Janette Stewart" <> on 03/17/2013

My ancestor, Peter Clarke, ran away to sea, travelling as a cabin boy, at
around the age of 19. He deserted ship when he got to Australia c1840. (so
family whispers say). He supposedly was born in Kent, England and likely
born between 1819 -1822 . I can't find cabin boys. I have found 3 Peter
Clarke's arriving in Australia as assisted British immigrants, aboard
Ariadne (1841), Andromache (1849) and John Knox(1851) - but they are
'Assisted'. I know he married in Euchumbene, Moneroo, NSW in 1857, so is
here by then. His wife was born in 1837, making him 15 years older. Whether
that was uncommon, I do not know...but possibly he might be born after 1822.
Any help/advice locating the cabin boy  would be appreciated. Thanks,


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