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Susan Swiggum <> on 02/03/2013

                          *new* for TheShipsList website

All the new and updated files and databases have been placed on their 
own page(s) Find them on the front page in between the big arrows
                           --------------> <---------------

At the bottom of each of these pages I have placed links named " 
previous month " and " next month " so you are able to navigate back and 
forth between the monthly *new & updated* pages, as I only keep three 
months of *new* page links on the Home page.  New for January 2013 is . . .

   o Ship Arrivals:
     o Ships to Quebec 1831 (in progress)

This has been much more fun than the 1835 arrivals as Marj has been 
scanning them for me, so I can read them well ... thanks Marj  There are 
a few gaps which will be filled in as we go.

   o Passengers:
     o South Australia
       o ship Atalanta, from London via Plymouth to Port Adelaide 15th 
April 1866
       o ship Charlotte Gladstone, from Liverpool via Plymouth to Port 
Adelaide 16th June 1866
     o Quebec Steamboats
       o Waterloo - 1st trip down, Montreal to Quebec, 16th April 1831 . 
. the Waterloo was sunk by ice on April 18th
       o St. Lawrence - 6th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 1st June 1831
       o John Molson - 7th trip up, Quebec to Montreal, 2nd June 1831

Two more 1866 vessels with assisted emigrants, for South Australia.   As 
I'd said last month, the ships being hired for emigrants were becoming 
larger.  Both ships have babies born at sea, named for the vessels. 
Lots more Irish on the CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE.

I included the single "down" trip for the WATERLOO as she was sunk en 
route to Quebec.  Miraculously all the passengers survived.  The 28th 
May 1831 was a huge day for the port of Quebec, with thousands of 
emigrants arriving .. the newspaper noted ...

The number of Emigrants arrived this forenoon was 20,126. Of these 5,737 
have arrived during the past week. The number actually arrived probably 
exceeds by fully ten percent that stated in the return. The * Pilgrim 
from Newry for instance returned 150 adults, and upwards of 250 souls 
were found on board. The same occurred with other vessels, though not to 
so great an extent, At the latest dates eleven vessels had sailed from 
Sligo and eleven more were about to follow, all with emigrants. In 
former years only one vessel has been known to leave that part of 
Ireland with settlers. — Quebec Mercury, June 4.

They crammed them aboard the steamboats. The two I have transcribed for 
June 2nd have 500+ but I have one yet to do with over 1,000 passengers. 
  In 1832 they passed laws limiting the numbers of passengers who could 
be carried on the various classes of steamboats .. news item about that 
on the steamboat index page ...

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