[TSL] Whale Back, Bouquerian Channel and Melville.
Robert McKenzie <> on 02/06/2017

G'day Listers

I have a problem with a location that the ship SEA was reported to have been
at. Have looked at many maps and online but no luck as yet.

James McKay was captain of the SEA, when on February 8th 1852 she went
onshore, but was able to get off without damage, somewhere near Callao in
Peru, at a place called the Whales Back Bank while going through the
Bouquerian? Channel. Two and a half weeks later he was in Callao where he
had to repair the caulking. He was sailing from a place called Melville,
which I am wondering if it was named after Herman Melville who wrote Moby
Dick and who visited Lima in 1844? [just a long shot]

Any assistance would be appreciated.



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