[TSL] SS Castano - J W Prescott
Vern Prescott <> on 09/17/2016

Hello everyone.  I am in need of some help please.

I have found, on Ancestry, a J W Prescott on a "Deserting Seamen" List for
the SS Castano, which sailed from England and arrived in New Orleans on 26
Oct 1904.  He is aged 25, English,  and is simply listed as a Seaman.

Underneath it says "All information obtainable."

A bit further down it says "Carded"

I think this might be my grandfather, John William Prescott, although he
would have been 27 at that time.

Is there any way to get more information on this person?  Would there be a
passenger list available which would show the Castano departing from
England?  If I could determine this man's capacity on the ship it might
help, since I know that grandfather was a Trimmer and a Fireman in later

Did this ship sail from Liverpool?  My grandfather lived in Liverpool.

Thanks for any information, advice or assistance that anyone might be able
to provide.

Vern in Ontario, Canada
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