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On 12 Nov "anon" wrote
Thank you to the several suggestions I have received. The name of the
passenger is Nils Falkenberg and as I wrote in my previous posting, it is
said the ship left Norway on 23 Feb 1906. I will search some of the
suggestions and thank you for any further assistance. 
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I am searching for a passenger on the 'Baltic' which reportedly left Norway
on 23 Feb 1906. 
I don't know the port it left from, or arrived to. I am assisting a friend
and this is all the information their family has. I have checked for the
family member on board this ship at Ellis Island website and Transcriber
Guild. Can anyone advise where else I might search online before I write to
the National Archives to request a search. Thank you. 

He made a good connection in England and was on the BALTIC which sailed 28/2
and arrived New York 9/3/1906.  He is mistranscribed as Talkenberg.  One of
the joys of Stephen Morse's site as that you can search on the first name
without the family name.  Not many Nils's on the BALTIC's voyages in 1906.

Nils Petter (Johansen) Falkenberg - age 32 - married - painter - from
going to friend S Nordli, 548 Chrystal Street, Chicago IL

His family joined him later in the year, sailing Christiania 16/11 and
arriving New York 27/11/1906 on OSCAR II (no doubt the direct sailing was
easier for his wife and six children), by which time Nils was living at 517
N California Ave, Chicago IL:

Anna Falkenberg - 35 - married - born Romsdalen
Fredrik (8), Louise (4), Camilla (4), Martin (3), Johan (1y6m), Aska (3m)


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