[TSL] Ship searching for this. Departing Fairlight, Sussex, England. Arriving Fairlight, Assa, NWT, (now Saskatchewan) Canada 1885
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Henry (Harry) HYDE aged 22 or 23, wife Eva, mother Lydia aged 57 arrived to Fairlight, Assa, NWT from Fairlight, Sussex, Eng 1884

Henry (Harry) Hyde and his mother Lydia arrived to Fairlight, Assa, NWT, Canada   from Fairlight, Sussex, Eng shortly before June 18,  1884 derived from the fact he made a homestead application of that date, and this would have been his first duty in the new country, finding a place to live..
Fairlight, Assiniboia, North-West Territories, Canada  is now known as Fairlight, Saskatchewan, Canada.
It is believe that  Henry (Harry) Hyde was born 1861 or 1862 depending on the source.Lydia (widow) was born 1827 and hailed from England as well from what we know so far.  She passed away in a Moosomin hospital the nearest large center to  Fairlight, Assa, NWT in 1893 at the age of 66
Searching for the ship and passenger list relating to this above  fare as we believe that Henry (Harry) Hyde and his mother Lydia traveled together.

Extra information:

 In 1885, his brother George arrived in Fairlight, Canada In 1895, Henry (Harry) Hyde was joined by his wife Eva.  The family had three children of school age when Henry (Harry) Hyde completed the stone one room schoolhouse - Fairlight School District 282 in 1895.  Additionally, a potential census record for the family mentions a daughter's name as Stockey, Eva.  

When his mother, Lydia passed away, 1893,  her next of kin were listed as William Hyde of Burnside shore near Guildford, Surrey, England aged 43, George Hyde, artist and cashier, of Crockett, Contra Costa County, California, U.S.A. aged 41, and Henry Hyde of Fairlight, Assiniboia, North-West Territories. 
Around 1901, the Hydes left Saskatchewan, Canada and set up home in  Contra Costa, California, United States

We have no familial connection to the Hyde family, but are seeking the correlation between the naming of Fairlight, Assa, NWT (now Fairlight, SK, Canada)  and  Fairlight, Sussex, England.  It turns out from several historians that Henry (Harry) Hyde -the first post master- named the post office in the area Fairlight, and it was the belief that he hailed from Fairlight, Sussex, England

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If you have any clues about this HYDE family in either England, California, or Saskatchewan it would be greatly appreciated.  Julia and Haydon
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