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vicki evans <> on 11/15/2012

Dear all
It has been some time since I have looked into my family tree but this lady is proving to be my brick wall and for those regulars on here, I am sure you will recognise that I have attempted to find her before.
Minnie Nelson (my great grandmother) was born in 1973 in Shanghai and then appears in Anglsey, Wales, aged 17 on the 1891 census. I assume she travelled to the UK sometime in the late 1880's.  In 1891 she is on the census as a neice, however there are other neices staying there also (Mabel and ? Pearson and Mary and Lilly Williams who have also arrived from Shanghai and I know are definaite neice's). It is possible this 'neice connection is a red herring as it may be an error.  I suspect Minnie Nelson may have travelled over with these other girl's and possibly a May/Mary Pearson and an Authur Pearson.  I had assumed Minnie would have travelled into Liverpool however, at the time of the 1891 census this May Pearson and son Arthur Pearson are shown as in the Port of London Hospital where Arthur was a patient. (The whole family is complicated as the Pearsons and William's are cousin's of the man Minnie married so she was connected to them but through marriage in 1895 - was she!
  with the Pearson's/William's from Shanghai and this is how she met her future husband?). PLease, please can anyone help find Minnie Nelson arriving into the UK, would she had sailed direct from Shanghai or Shanghai to America, America to the UK. Can anyone findher on a ships manifest or the other family? Her marriage certificate states her father was Andrew Nelson but deceased at the time of the marriage Having seen such positive results over the last few weeks for some others, I am feeling hopeful that one day my Minnie Nelson may be found!!
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Vicki

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