[TSL] passenger List - Hannah Driscoll 1842 ship Bridgewown on 09/14/2013

I have finally located by great-great-grandmother, Hanna Driscoll, who 
came to New York from Ireland in 1842 on the ship Bridgetown. I have a 
rather bad copy of the passenger list, but can see that she was 7 years 
old.. Family lore was that she came over just with her grandmother, but 
according to the list, I see what appears to be her parents and two 

I would appeciate it if someone can either translate the names - it 
looks like her father's name is James or John, mother Catherine; I can 
see Hannah next, but the next two names I cannot determine - or forward 
me a clearer copy of the list.

Hannah later came to marry an Englishman in New York by the name of 
John Footman in what was the orignial St Patrick's Cathedral in lower 
Manhattan in 1855. She died about 1900.

With the names of Hanna's parents and sisters, I can attempt to follow 
their lives and help to answer many questions and mysteries that I have 
come upon.

Thanks .

Dale Koster

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